Friday, November 22, 2013


 Photos by: Olaf Mitchell

Several members of “The Kuau Yacht Club” competed in the 2013 Aloha Classic wave sailing competition that was held at Hookipa Beach Park this year.
I had some time on my hands through that period so I went down and captured some of the action. 
I’m sure that there were more participants from the KYC entered in the event. 
Here’s a few of the ones that I did catch.

Russell Farot

Jake Miller

Casy Hauser

Matt Prichard

Kai Katchadorian

Ingrid Larouche

Sean Aiken

Click on the link below for more action shots of these six competitors.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

S.O.S - S.O.S

Attention All Water Sports Enthusiasts!
Whatever you’re discipline of choice is be it surfing, windsurfing, SUP, or kite surfing.
If you practice it on the north shore of Maui regularly or occasionally visit or dream of visiting Maui to play in the ocean, this is very important to you!
This issue was brought to my attention weeks ago and I signed the petition and thought very little about it.
Lately the gravity of the impact on the future of board sports on Maui due to this situation has been sinking in.
Let’s face it; Maui has extremely limited user friendly access spots in the first place.
If this wealth of ocean access that Kanaha Beach Park provides is taken away, all our other spots will be greatly affected and the quality of our experience will be compromised.
Please take a moment to review this information and please sign this petition no matter what part of the world you live in it matters and it will make a difference!
Mahalo, Olaf Mitchell

Please follow this link to show your support on this very important matter.

update - urgent action needed

Mr Ed Underwood from DLNR-DOBOR just confirmed that they are moving forward and preparing to install three sets of buoys at Kanaha Beach. These buoys will designate the expanded zones that will exclude all vessels and watercraft. This includes; kites, canoes, windsurfers, surfers, SUP etc. The expanded zone includes about three thousand five hundred (3500) feet of shoreline that will become an exclusive swim zone. This represents an huge increase over the currently used areas. Now any vessel or craft that attempts to enter or cross these expanded zones will be subject to increased enforcement which includes; fines and possible confiscation of equipment.
Mr Underwood also confirmed that this enforcement action is in direct response to the confrontations between the kiteboarder and the swimmers at Ka'a point.
He also stated that there are currently no plans to update or amend the old rules, that are about to be enforced.
The DLNR-DOBOR confirmed that they have already built the marker buoys and anchor systems, and plan to install them very soon.
We anticipate that once these buoys are installed and the old zones are enforced, that it will become an extremely difficult task trying to reverse this process at a later time.
Please don't let this catastrophic loss of access occur, everyone will be affected because all of the current users will be forced to crowd into a reduced area that is far smaller than the currently accesible area. This will create a domino effect of overlapping user groups that will be forced to move into each others areas.
Every concerned person should take immediate action to contact the authorities and try to persuede them to defer the installment of these buoys until a reasonable and updated management plan can be reached.