Monday, February 21, 2011


Text And Photos by Olaf Mitchell
February, 17, 2011 was a day that I will remember for some time.
I had all my gear with me and went looking for a place to ether surf or wave sail.
I really thought that I was going to surf.
I drove to the beach via the Old Maui High School road to avoid the chaos in Paia and when I got to Hana highway it was clear that I wasn’t going to be surfing or wave sailing in the Kuau to Hookipa corridor.

I turned right and drove to Hookipa It was big real big so I turned around and headed towards Kanaha where I figured that I might at least get a session.
I noticed my friend Gary’s van alongside the road and thought that I would stop and get a Surf report since he usually knows what is happening at Kanaha.

Gary told me that the conditions at Kanaha were poor at best. So I pulled out my camera an started shooting the action at Lanes and The Point at Hookipa.
Here’s a little recap of the action from where I was hanging out.

There were a few wind surfers  out and some of them were just killing it and some were struggling .
 Kai Lenny made it out the channel and got a few waves but then got caught inside and he wasn't able got back out the channel.(On his windsurfer that is.)
 World champion wave sailor Kevin Pritchard made many attempts but couldn't find a weakness in the closed out impact zone and never made it through the channel  
 Several kiters got out and they were doing OK.
A few wind surfers Jason Polakow, Robbie Swift and a guy on a blue Maui Sail did make it outside and they just Killed it!

After being deigned on four attempts Kai turned around and went to shore.

He came in over the hazardous rock ledge at lanes.
 He then went to Hookipa and got his SUP and paddle and went out for another session.
 There were numerous mishaps.
The life guards were cruising down the coast looking for sailor’s kiters and surfers that had problems.

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