Friday, March 18, 2011


Robbie Naish ,Photo: Olaf Mitchell
While I was out doing my errands yesterday I ran into Robbie Naish at the supermarket and we had a friendly chat. He was gracious  to grant me a photo.
Next stop was the Paia Post office and I ran into Francisco Goya I had a brief chat with him and he was nice enough to grant me a photo  also.

Francisco Goya, Photo Olaf Mitchell
These two former world champions are registered to compete in the American Windsurfing Tour. Not only will they be competing but their companies Naish,and Goya,  are sponsors of the event as well.

Both Robbie and Francisco attended the hugely successful Pistol River wave bash last summer.
Har Rai khalsa  Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Francisco competed in the event and took second place over all.

Francisco Goya, Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Kevin Pritchard took first place.

Kai Katchadourian, Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Kai Katchadourian took third and he is registered and will compete in at least two of the stops on the tour.
Here’s Francisco in a little video about this year’s event (link)

 Robbie chose the roll of an ambassador rather than a competitor at Pistol River last year. He spent his time ripping all day long just outside of the competition area and what a show that was!
Robbie Naish, Photo: Olaf Mitchell

 Here’s a letter that we received today written by Robbie about the American Windsurfing Tour:

Dear fellow industry members,
I am writing you today regarding the American Windsurfing Tour.  My hope is that I can encourage each and every member of the windsurfing industry here in the States to step up and support the tour with at least a silver package sponsorship. 
 Clearly the business of windsurfing in the United States is not what it once was.  Sales are tough, margins are low, and marketing dollars are scarce.  Still, the sport is as dynamic and incredible as ever and continues to have a passionate following.  I am confident that this tour will help to re-kindle the windsurfing flame in the States, by at least giving passionate amateurs something to strive for, and professionals the opportunity to show their stuff on home turf where they can connect with consumers.  Lets face it, there is not a lot "going on" in terms of opportunities for windsurfers to create a buzz in this country.  If we all chip in however, we can at least provide enough financial support for the events to happen at the level they deserve.  It will also send the right message to potential sponsors from outside our industry.  Here is an opportunity to showcase the sport in a grass roots, all inclusive way. 
 Naish is on-board, as are a few other brands so far.  I have signed up for each event personally just for fun, even though I know that the chances of my making more than one or two stops is unlikely.  I want this tour to be successful, and for windsurfers young and old to have something tangible to dream of.  I hope that you will all join me in supporting Samantha and the American Windsurfing Tour!
 Aloha and good sailing,
 Robby Naish
Keep an eye out for an interview with Samantha Bittner the organizer of  the 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash and  the tour director of this years  American Windsurfing Tour. in Nalu Wahine our sister magazine.
Samantha Bittner


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