Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dale Cook

For quite a few winters now Dale Cook has been a member of our core group of wave sailor’s at Kuau on the north shore of Maui.

 Dale’s extremely modest about his abilities, and a straight shooter. He’s family man and a very hard worker. Dale sails with us almost every day but he rarely gets to the launch site before four  in the afternoon in the middle of the work week. Launching that late can make for some sketchy sailing conditions.

I have had many memorable sessions both wave sailing and surfing with Dale.
Several of our sessions come to my mind and a few stand out like New Years Day 2010. We surfed some big glassy waves all afternoon with just the two of us out.  That magic session still comes up in our conversation from time to time.

Another surfing session we shared this season comes to mind. Dale, myself, and two other guys were surfing out at Noriega on a fast rising swell.  The waves were about head and a half high for the first part of the session and then the sets started getting exponentially bigger. We were all getting some great waves but getting clobbered by these sneaker sets that were just coming out of nowhere. We started sitting further and further outside and still getting caught inside. We all agreed that we had maxed out our comfort level and we were ready to paddle in and call it a day when we noticed a bump out on the horizon. We paddled out as hard as we could. I was a little further out and I narrowly made it over but Dale didn’t make it far enough. That wave snapped Dale’s board and he had to swim in with only half a board.

 When it gets real big you can always count on Dale charging the gnarliest waves. I have seen him drop in on some the most spectacular north shore monsters and make it time after time. In fact I saw Dale ride one of the best waves of the 2011 season at Kuau just about a week ago.

 Dale’s legendary in the Columbia River Gorge for his dynamic jumping skills. Click here to see why!

WM:   Dale, I’m honored that you agreed to this little interview.
Why don’t we get started with where you’re from and how long have you been wind surfing?
DC:    Olaf, I grew up in Vancouver, Washington
and I spent my summers in Hood River. I’ve been Wind surfing for twenty five years.

 WM:   What are your favorite spots to windsurf?
DC:   I sail in The Gorge in the summer and the north shore of Maui in the winter

WM:   Are there any highlights in your wind surf career that you would like to share with us, Dale?
DC:    Winning the “Gorge Cup” racing for years is a highlight and also I am proud of winning “The Blowout” eight times. That’s high on my list as well.

  WM:   What‘s next on your list of destinations or goals?
DC:   Destinations hum? I would love to travel to the Marshal Islands. My goal right now is to keep having as much fun as possible while raising my baby girl.
WM:   Dale, what do you think about The American Windsurfing Tour?
DC:  I think it’s awesome Olaf! It’s great to see Sam putting so much energy into promoting the sport of windsurfing. I remember one night about two years ago when me and some friends (including Sam) were playing poker. She informed us that evening that she was going to have a windsurfing contest. I thought she was crazy—but as you know, she pulled it off! It was a great contest and got everyone stoked on the sport again.
WM:   Dale what other sports are you involved in?
DC:   I am passionate about mountain biking, dirt biking, white water kayaking, and surfing.

WM:   Who are your primary sponsors Dale?
 DC:   Olaf I am sponsored by Sailworks, Roberts Sailboards, Anarchy Sunglasses, and Dakine.
WM:   What is your occupation?
DC:    I work for Sailworks in The Gorge and I do everything from testing sails, repairing sails, and customer service. During the winter on Maui I’m a carpenter.
WM:    How about relationships?
DC:   I’ve been married to Sonja for three years now and we have a 9 month old girl named Bela that keeps me on my toes.

WM:   Who are your personal heroes Dale?
DC:    Olaf, I have two personal heroes. First is my dad, he is great he either mountain bikes, kayaks, and windsurfs with me just about every day.  Also I’m inspired by my friend Bruce Peterson. He’s the designer of Sailworks Sails. Bruce taught me the go fast and jump high style of wind surfing that I love so much. We call it power sailing.

WM:   Do you have any favorite quotes?
DC:   My dad used to tell me,” If you’re not crashing then you’re not learning!”
"Sail your own style, and have a lot of fun!" I said that.
WM:   Thanks Dale!

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  1. Olaf is my hero. Living the dream. but so is Dale. Dale pulled me off the river years ago when my mast broke. Thanks Dale!