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In our ongoing series of chats, profiles and interviews with some of people that are spreading the stoke in the sport of windsurfing we are featuring Casey Rehrer this time.
I have known Casey  for about eleven years now. That’s since Casey was three years old.
Wow! Talk about how time flies when you're having fun!
In many ways Casey will always be the very inquisitive little blond beach grom to me. I vividly remember Casey as this little kid riding his skate board, climbing trees, laughing and playing pranks at upper Kanaha park.
I took this photo of Casey at Kanaha when he was about 4 years old

 Many of our readers know Casey to be one of our up and coming north shore windsurfing talents.
I for one, am pleased, that with all the sports and disciplines Casey has to choose from he has chosen my favorite water sport to express himself with.
It is my hope that many other young athletes will follow Casey's example and get into windsurfing or any of the other healthy ocean related activities we have to participate in here on Maui.

WM:  Hi Casey thanks for taking some time to let our readers get to know you.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

CR:   I was born here on Maui and live in Haiku with my mom, dad and sister, Zoe

WM:  How long have you been windsurfing Casey?

CR: I've been windsurfing since I was 6 years old so I've been doing it for 8 years now.

WM:  What are your favorite spots to windsurf?

CR:  I really like Secrets and Hookipa, but I still have a lot of fun at upper and lower Kanaha as well.
Casey  (orange sail) at Hookipa

WM:  I know that you have had many great experiences on the ocean but do any of them stand out above the rest?

CR:  One my favorite times was sailing Secrets and Spartans with my dad when we had the waves all to ourselves.

Also, I am proud of winning some of the “menehune” races at the Maui Race Series when I was younger.

WM:  What plans do you have for the immediate future? I mean this season.

CR:  I'm very excited about going to Pistol River for the Wave Bash in June. It will be my first wave sailing contest and my first time in cold water. 

WM:   That’s cool Casey, are you doing anything special to prepare for the contest?

CR:  My goals right now are to perfect my looping and to keep improving my wave riding.

WM:  The “Pistol River Wave Bash” is part of the “American Windsurfing Tour” do you have any thoughts you can share with our readers about the AWT? 

CR:  The AWT is GREAT for our sport! It's bringing the competitive wavesailing to the US and Mexico where it hasn't been for a long time.  Each of the locales are all super good wavesailing spots. Plus the events are open to anyone who wants to compete.

WM:  Aside from windsurfing what other sport and activities are you interested in?

CR:  I like to mountain bike, surf and I might start running some races. Also I'm an avid photographer.

WM:  Who are your sponsors?

CR:  Hot Sails Maui has been sponsoring me for several years and 
Promotion Wetsuits has helped outfit me for the cold Oregon water.

WM:  Casey, do you have any particular causes that you support?

 CR:  I'm for keeping our environment clean-especially our beaches, reefs and ocean.

WM:  Where do you go to school?

CR:  I'm a student at Seabury Hall here on Maui.

WM:  Casey I know that your folks have been a great influence but do you have any other personal heros or roll models.

CR:  I don't really have any heros but I look up to allot of people like Jeff Henderson of Hot Sails, Josh Stone, Keith Taboul who made me a great board, Graham Ezzy, Francisco Goya, the Pritchards, Skylar Haywood who gives me lots of tips, and Kai Lenny.

Thanks Casey, and have a great time at Pistol this summer!

Photos by: Beverly LeMaster, Tom Rehrer,and Olaf Mitchell
All the sailing photos (except the two Hookipa shots) are of Casey at Secrets 5/28/11

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